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Exposure Evaluation

Evaluation of Environmental & Occupational Exposures to Human Health Hazards & of Adverse Human Health Effects

HLM Consultants' experience in evaluating exposures to human health hazards, like chemical toxicants, in environmental and occupational settings enables us to identify and characterize chemical or physical hazard exposures and effects suspected
on the basis of medical, chemical, or industrial hygiene data or alleged by concerned citizens, employees, or litigants. We assess allegations of adverse health effects resulting from exposures to hazards to determine whether the effects are, in fact, present and, if so, whether they are causally related to hazard exposures. Below are listed some of the programs that
we typically undertake. For more information please contact us.

Occupational Medicine, Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientists




  • Assess the toxicity of materials.

  • Design and implement medical and biologic sampling and analysis.

  • Design and implement medical monitoring or surveillance programs.

  • Design and implement environmental and workplace sampling and analysis for hazards.

  • Review worker medical or health and safety programs to assure effectiveness and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Review environmental monitoring and industrial hygiene programs and assist engineers in developing remedial measure.

  • Evaluate potentially exposed or affected individuals and review medical records to determine whether symptoms, signs, and other findings are consistent with effects of the hazards in question.

  • Give medical and toxicological advice needed for emergency response to releases of hazardous materials and develop medical emergency response programs.

  • Design and conduct epidemiological studies to determine whether an unusual frequency of diseases or injuries is present or whether there is a causal connection between an exposure and an unusual occurrence of a disease or injury.

  • Evaluate indoor air problems, "sick building syndrome," video-display-terminal-related health complaints, ergonomic or cumulative trauma disorders, or individual cases or clusters of workplace-related health problems.