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Instructional Services 
HLM Consultants provides training and instructional services that can be custom designed for your needs. Some of the more typical programs are listed below. For a more detailed list of our offerings please go to the Training Classes page. For more information please contact us.
  • Design educational or training courses to meet specific needs.
    • We first assess and define needs and regulatory requirements.
    • We tailor courses to the audience education level, training needs, time constraints and teaching and presentation styles most appropriate for the prospective audience.

  • Present educational and training courses on environmental and occupational health topics, methods and skills.

  • Qualified and experienced instructors present courses.

  • Certified course credits can be provided.

  • Train instructors for environmental or occupational health courses that will be frequently or routinely presented. Consultants are available to assist instructors' efforts at ongoing improvement.

  • Update course or educational materials.

  • Develop materials to supplement courses like visual aids, hand-out or take-home materials, and materials for hands-on training.

  • Some topics we have conducted training on include:
    • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 40-hour curriculum to meet OSHA requirements.
    • Collateral Duty Safety Officer Course for OSHA Voluntary Compliance Program.