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Risk Communication Services  
Management must explain risks associated with both planned and unplanned activities to employees and the public. Communicating the necessary information can result in raising concern inappropriately, or diverting response to anger or passivity rather than effective action. Physicians enjoy a position of trust with citizens and workers, and make excellent risk communicators. For more information please contact us. Our services include:




  • Communicating effectively with large or small numbers of citizens or employees about health concerns and the nature and results of evaluations and planned actions. We can provide communication in any desired format, ranging from large public meetings to individual interactions and counseling.

  • Facilitating communications between affected citizens or employees, health professionals, technical professionals, managers, regulators and legal professionals.

  • When required, communicating with news media regarding the results of evaluations.

  • Training environmental and occupational health professionals and officials to conduct public meetings and interactions in order to address effectively community health concerns and explain public health findings and planned actions to the affected community.
    • Training highlights difficult risk communication situations like dealing with potentially angry or hostile groups or with news media.
    • Methods of surveying public concerns and attitudes and of effectively presenting complex and technical information are also highlighted.

  • Providing full support, including technical support, for clients preparing for public meetings and on-site support during public meetings.