Bio–Terrorism & Weapons of Mass Destruction

Awareness Training

HLM Consultants provides training for a wide variety of people who may come into contact with biological weapons like anthrax or to chemical weapons as a result of terrorist attacks and who need a general level of information to cope in the event they are affected. Awareness training also often helps reassure those who will have no exposure but are concerned. Information about what threats are out there, for what to be vigilant, and what people can do to protect themselves and others alleviates anxiety and a sense of helplessness. We can quickly prepare presentations on these topics and have a great deal of experience in adapting presentations to audiences with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

In-depth Training in Recognition and Management of Biological and Chemical Casualties

This training is especially appropriate for emergency responder and medical personnel. Early detection of a biological attack, in particular, relies on recognizing specific effects and unusual patterns of illness. A wide catchment area, such as an entire city, has less chance of detecting an outbreak that started at a single company or building than would medical staff in that building. Immediate (pre-ambulance) treatment of chemical casualties may be essential for survival. We also work with safety, security, and personnel departments to develop statistically-based surveillance systems for reviewing treatment and absentee reports to detect biological or chemical agent effects.