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Worker's Compensation Issues  
HLM Consultants can significantly reduce the cost of Workers' Compensation programs through a number of steps to analyze current patterns of claims and recommend changes to reduce injury rates, and speed convalescence, avoid unnecessary diagnostic and treatment procedures. The following is a sampling of the support that we can provide. Please contact us for your particular needs.

Occupational Medicine, Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientists



  • Review of a moderate number (20-30 usually works well) of claims to determine patterns of injury and of community medical practice.

  • Examine partial temporary disability (limited duty) programs, identifying opportunities to shorten disability, and assign the employee to useful work while convalescing.

  • Select physicians ( in states where the employer may direct physician choice) or guide injured employees to physicians whose practice is geared toward rapid rehabilitation to improve results for both the employer and the injured employee.

  • Consult attending physicians on a peer basis to enhance practices that speed recovery and rehabilitation - arranging ongoing communication between the physician's office and the employer helps maintain improvements over time.

  • When necessary, we can help in obtaining union agreement to certain changes needed to optimize recovery.