Litigation Consultation & Expert Witnessing

  • Services to assist attorneys to define and present toxicological and medical causation issues in their cases.
  • Ongoing consultation to aid in understanding and countering assertions of opposing counsel and their experts.
  • Support of plaintiffs, defendants, claimants, and responsible parties in lawsuits and regulatory and administrative claims, like Workers= Compensation claims and federal and state environmental and workplace health agency actions.
As a litigation consultant, Dr. Hutchinson recommended a strategy to counter the medical defense of Monsanto Chemicals in a suit by several hundred plaintiffs about adverse medical effects suffered because of prolonged polychlorinated biphenyl exposures near a plant which manufactured them. This was a primary factor in a $770 million settlement by the chemical manufacturer a short time later.

He evaluated the medical complaints of people in an area supplied by a water company in the region. A group of several dozen plaintiffs attributed their medical problems to herbicide and other exposures from water being supplied to them. They made a class action suit, and a leader from their group had a radio program and campaign for the state legislature largely based on their complaints. Dr. Hutchinson determined that there were other causes for their specific medical problems. He presented these conclusions using risk communication methods he practices; he presented them to the group of plaintiffs in a mediation. All of the plaintiffs decided withdraw from the litigation that day, except the group leader, who decided the next day to withdraw from the litigation and her political campaign.

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